Academy of Surgical Research Annual Meeting

Join us at the Academy of Surgical Research’s 34th Annual Meeting, to participate to educational sessions and learn more about the latest advancements in experimental surgery.

We will present our latest enhancements to our easyTEL+ implanted telemetry for medium and large animals, single or group-housed.

New additions to our easyTEL+L series implants line includes models containing up to 4 biopotentials or up to two pressures.  We are also introducing our new medium-sized implants designed for smaller animals, including rats.

To make your studies even more effective, efficient, and reliable, we have:

  • Magnet-Free implants! No need to approach the subjects with a magnet to turn the implants on or off. It is all done remotely.
  • Added the ability to combine implanted and non-invasive telemetry on the same platform (the emkaPACK4G receiver can be used to receive implant signals). Can be beneficial when lung volumes need to be recorded.

Click here to set-up a meeting and learn more about our solutions for your research in experimental surgery.

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