June 13-15, 2018
Reims – FRANCE
Booth #133

emka TECHNOLOGIES will be exhibiting at the 44th meeting of the AFSTAL association (French Association for the Laboratory Animal Science and Techniques).

Join us to discuss how emka can help you in your daily vivarium management, with solutions to acquire physiological parameters, while improving the 3Rs:

  • Telemetry technology, for data acquisition from multiple animals, freely moving within the same pen or cage. With a remote control and configuration, combined with video monitoring, stress is minimized and animal welfare is enhanced, for a better data quality.
  • Non-invasive solutions: animals can be used as their own controls over a long period of time, reducing data variance and the number of animals needed per treatment group.
  • Respiratory parameters from rodents and large animals
  • Isolated tissues and organs systems: to allow in vitro models in place of whole animals


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